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We want to create  better wellness through food, build communities with strengthened health resilience and promote social and economic mobility for the visually impaired chefs through handcrafted meals. 

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Desired Impact

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Empowering Differently-Abled Artisan Chefs through a  Technology Enabled Kitchen

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Building communities with stronger health resilience with sustainably farmed ingredients

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Having friends who

are visually impaired, Aaron realised that People with Disability (PwDs) have limited career choices, as most employers do not believe PwDs can have similar productivity and talent as abled body person.  

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Aaron wanted to break the boundaries, change mindsets and inspire others, thus Fortitude Culina was born to empower talented & passionate Visually Impaired (VI) individuals to be micro - entrepreneurs in culinary arts.

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His biggest goals is to augment human capabilities through technology as well as improving both staff's & diners' wellness through a nutritious meal prepared with organic condiments, chemical and pesticide free ingredients.

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We believe that everyone should have access to quality food, achieve optimal wellness and taking care of our natural environment at the same time.

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the Team

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Physically Located at Jurong Launchpad and supported by Audacity (A Mistletoe Singapore Movement)

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