Hearty Nutri Foods, 40% Whole Grains, 40% Vegetables, 20% Proteins

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Bento Meals

In collaboration with our culinary advisor, Chef Haikal & wholistic health practitioner/vegan chef Vinitha Ang of NutriHub Culinary Art: we've prepared bento meals in proportions of 40% Whole Grains, 40% Vegetables & 20% Proteins. 


We source for  ethically farmed produce to be used in our bento meals. Good for the environment and for your gut!


Healthier Gut, Happier You!


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Why 40:40:20?

This 40:40:20 dietary concept allows consumers to have a mix and match flexible diet with a choice of consuming 20% meat or being fully plant based. 

With fresh vegetables, wholegrains & legumes - the bento is sure to be a nutritious balanced meal for anyone who tries it!


Increasing your intake of dietary fibre will naturally improve your metabolic health, achieving normal cholesterol, blood sugar & weight.

A fibre-rich balanced diet is Gut-friendly and also has positive influence on the neurotransmitters that are in direct control of the stress & mood receptors of your brain (Gut-Brain Axis).