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Meet our Team

Aaron Yeoh


Constantly looking out for strategic partnership and revenue to sustain the business. Beside being a social entrepreneur, he also sits onboard Cycling Without Age Singapore (A Charity with IPC) as a Chairman. 

Lay Hoon


With more than 40 years of flavouring experiences, she work closely with our chef advisor and differently abled chefs to develop and maintain flavourful food textures, aroma and taste.

Joshua Tseng


Being a visually impaired himself he empathise the struggles and aspirations of the differently abled chefs. He aim to help make the kitchen a more inclusive working environment for all.


(Executive Chef, Alma)

Despite a very bad road traffic accident that left him almost paralysis, it did does not stop him to achieve Michelin Star for Alma (2016-2022). He has been a very encouraging advisor to the founding team and dedicated mentor to the differently abled chefs, sharing his wisdom and experiences.

Yang En

(Venture Builder, Insignia)

Being a foodie himself, he loves to sample novel flavours and ingredients. He also loves venture building thus supporting us in the business development aspect to ensure we succeed.

Alex Seow

(Differently abled Chef)

He has been a chef for almost 2 decades before losing part of his vision to a failed eye surgery. In 2019, he choose to leave his previous company in search for a more empathetic environment.

Siew May

(Differently abled Chef)

Born with cerebral palsy, she is highly independent, positive in life and attitude. She is learning to be a good cook and loves using spices and herbs to bring out authentic flavours.

 Team members

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