Three Banana Cardamom Cupcakes, surrounded by two piping bags, a small bowl of green cardamom powder and spotted bananas

Self Piping Banana Cardamom Cupcake

Made with spotted bananas and cardamom powder, our banana cupcakes have a mild spice and sweet taste suited for everyone's palatte. With a crisp crust and moist bread filling, each bite will have you reaching for more!

Photo of a group of six butter ulam raja cupcakes with three piping bags and young ulam raja on the top

Self Piping Ulam Raja Butter Cupcake

The fruity hints of Ulam Raja together with the richness of French butter brings a symphony of flavours that delight. Made with fresh ingredients that are minimally processed, each bite brings a wonderful mix of a thin crust and moist insides. 

Made by hand, these artisanal pastries are made with quality ingredients (i.e. French butter and Taiwanese flour) as well as native herbs and spices. Guaranteed to hit that sweet spot and satisfy your cravings!

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